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Cataract team performing surgeryMade up entirely of eye surgeons who have been board certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the Division of Ophthalmology at The University of Vermont Medical Center sees over 30,000 patient visits per year. With a wide range of subspecialists, we remain committed to providing comprehensive eye service to the greater Vermont and New England area. Our core values include a strong dedication to quality of patient care, patient satisfaction, as well as compassion for others.


Literally speaking, “the eye is the window to the soul.” We in ophthalmology know that the eye is the window to the body’s vasculature, and thus is an open portal on systemic disease. The Division of Ophthalmology embraces its opportunity and responsibility to share in the education of our fellow physicians and patients as to the important mysteries of the eye, especially as it pertains to systemic disease. We are actively involved in the teaching of medical students, medical residents, as well as fellow eye care providers. The division usually has one or two medical students rotating through our subspecialty clinics. Often they use their time with us as a springboard for their specialty training.

We are committed to teaching, and continue to engage in numerous educational programs in an effort to improve our own knowledge as well. Through our collaboration with the medical school, renowned experts in the field are brought in as speakers to keep us abreast of the newest teachings and techniques available. By teaching others, while continuing to learn ourselves, we aim to achieve an environment of ongoing education, which ultimately results in the best patient care possible.


With active studies evaluating treatment for a number of potentially vision-threatening eye diseases, the Division of Ophthalmology is proud of its reputation as a major clinical research center in New England. Our focus lies in clinical research, where our patients are given access to a variety of cutting edge treatments and technological advances. Our research facilities are located directly in our clinical offices so as to better allow integration and cooperation with active patient care.

In one of our active studies, patients were given a novel treatment for age related macular degeneration; a disease often considered to be visually threatening. Only now available to the general medical community--because of our involvement in these trials--our patients have been able to receive this revolutionary treatment for macular degeneration for a period of three years.

We firmly believe that our involvement in clinical research allows us to help in the development of tomorrow’s care while aiding our patients in the present. We are currently conducting clinical trials evaluating a number of treatments for eye diseases that are actively enrolling patients.


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