Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Dr. Leavitt with chest scans

The Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery has been providing care to patients in Vermont and northern New York with cardiac and thoracic related diseases for over sixty years. We are establishing a reputation for providing consistently high quality patient care in a welcoming and safe environment. We strongly believe in honesty, transparency and accountability and we are always trying to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

The Division consists of four board certified cardiothoracic surgeons, four physician assistants, a nurse practitioner, a nurse clinician and two clinical office assistants. The cardiothoracic surgeons have a combined surgical experience of over seventy years. This heart team works extremely well together and has an excellent collaborative relationship with our cardiology colleagues.


The members of the CT Division take great pride in their role as didactic and clinical teachers. From the attending surgeons to the nurse practitioner, each member understands the need and responsibility to teach medical students and residents the art of cardiothoracic surgery. We engage these individuals in multiple venues, be it the operating room, the classroom or the bedside. The division members also mentor residents and students with advice and council on goals and career choices.


While the division of CT Surgery is not performing any bench research at this time, we have established a robust program in translational research with our cardiology colleagues. This presently involves funded research in heart failure. We are also partnering with Cardiology on clinical trials involving the TAVI procedure in selected individuals and left main stenting versus conventional bypass surgery.

Visit Chest and Heart Surgery at The University of Vermont Medical Center, our clinical teacher partner.


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