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Larner College of Medicine Undergraduate Behavioral Change Health Studies Minor


A 15-Credit Undergraduate Minor


The Behavioral Change Health Studies curriculum exposes students to cutting edge research with a focus on behavioral change science, embedded in the programmatic research and clinical programs at the Vermont Center for Children, Youth, and Families

Courses will include lessons about:

  • Human Behavior
  • Genetics
  • Epigenetics
  • Structure & Function of the Human Brain

Students will gain general knowledge applicable for any college path, including Psychological Science, Neuroscience, Nursing and Health Studies, Business, and Education. This minor complements the studies of students going into all types of careers because of its emphasis on healthy lifestyles and decision making. 

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the minor, students will be able to:

  • Identify the core concepts, theories, and breadth of behavioral change in related disciplines (health and wellness, public health, and psychiatry).
  • Identify and articulate the connections between biological (genetic, epigenetic, and neuroplasticity) and environmental factors of human behavior, through synthesis of material, evaluation, and oral and written communication.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills in an applied setting, through engagement with existing research and scholarship. 

Requirements for the Minor

Students wishing to obtain a minor in Behavioral Change Health Studies must complete a total of fifteen credit hours in LCOMU courses including:

  • 3 credits consisting of COMU 001: Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies
  • 9 Credits of LCOMU 100-level courses listed below
    • Please Note: Up to 2 approved non-LCOMU courses can be applied to the minor (see below)
  • 3 LCOMU credits of their choice

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How to Declare the Minor

To declare the LCOMU Minor, please see Student Forms on the Registrar's Office website.


Courses that meet the Minor Requirements

Larner College of Medicine Undergraduate

COMU 001: Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies*

COMU 021: Your Brain on Drugs

COMU 096: Special Topics

COMU 122: Family Wellness Coaching

COMU 123: The Effects of Adversity

COMU 125: The Science of Happiness

COMU 131: Sex, Love, and the Neuroscience of Relationships

COMU 191: Consequences of Concussion

COMU 195: How You Became You: Personality Development from Infancy to Early Adulthood

COMU 196: Special Topics:

  • Anxiety, Inattention, and the Brain
  • Mindfulness-Based Health Promotion
  • The Science of Sleep

COMU 197: Teaching Assistantship

COMU 198: Undergraduate Research


Department of Psychological Science*

PSYS 001: Introduction to Psychological Science

PSYS 150: Developmental Psychology

PSYS 170: Abnormal Psychology

PSYS 211: Learning

PSYS 252: Emotional Development & Temperament

PSYS 274: Advanced Behavioral Change


Department of Philosophy* 

 PHIL 196: Philosophy of Psychiatry

*Up to two of the listed non-LCOMU courses can be applied to the minor 



For more information regarding the LCOMU minor, please see the Undergraduate Catalogue or contact Amy Morrill, with questions.

To declare the LCOMU Minor, please see Student Forms on the Registrar's Office website.

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