Mentoring Groups are on hold.

Read about past Teaching Academy Mentoring Groups: Mentoring Group Descriptions.

Teaching Academy Mentoring Dyad Program

Are you an Assistant or Associate Professor in the Teaching Academy? Would you like one-on-one mentoring on your educator career from another member of the Teaching Academy? Contact Amanda Broder at

The fine print:
•         Mentee-Mentor pairs must meet at least 3x per year
•         Mentees must complete and then review at each meeting an Annual Mentoring Plan
•         Mentee-Mentor pairs must sign a brief statement of expectations for the year 
•         The Teaching Academy will coordinate matching and introducing Mentee-Mentor pairs
•         The Mentee is responsible for contacting the Mentor and arranging meeting dates/times
•         Meeting space is available in the Teaching Academy and remotely using the Teaching Academy Zoom account