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OMSE Protocol for Requests to Recruit UVM COM Students as Study Participants

Studies or any data collection involving UVM College of Medicine students as participants or existing student data must be approved by the Teaching Academy. Please email for details.

In consultation with the Medical Education Leadership Team and select faculty with knowledge and expertise in medical education research, a decision regarding study approval using UVM COM students as participants is rendered based on the following criteria: meaningfulness of study for UVM COM as an institution; contribution to the literature; rationale for the study, research question, robustness of study design, quality of measures, methods, IRB approval, and likelihood of investigators to complete the project and disseminate the findings. As to not overburden UVM COM students, the number of requests to survey or collect data from UVM COM students is also taken into consideration.

We receive many requests to survey our medical students and we at the medical school are judicious in providing access to the students. In no way do we wish to impede research but we receive many requests each year from individuals outside of UVM COM to recruit our students for research studies. There are also a number of internal requests from UVM faculty, students, residents, and administrators. First priority is given to UVM COM faculty.

Note on requests from other institutions to survey or collect data from UVM COM students: The investigators will need to provide a copy of IRB determination to the Teaching Academy.

To request educational research consultation/collaboration, to request access to existing College of Medicine educational data, or to request a distribution of research materials to UVM College of Medicine students, please use the appropriate form below:

Request for Research Consultation or Collaboration

Request for Medical Student Education Data

Research Consultation times available. Please email if you’d like to sign up for a consultation and share any relevant documents


Welcome to the LCOM Medical Education Research Registry. We invite UVM Larner College of Medicine investigators to list active medical education research projects and note key details about the project and project status. The goals of the registry are to increase of awareness of educational research activity, help investigators find collaborators, and prevent unnecessary duplication in scholarly activity.