Meditation for the Medical Student

Collin York, M.D. '20 and Lee Rosen, Ph.D.

Why would a medical student wish to begin a meditation practice?

Medical school is challenging in ways that might lend themselves to self-improvement through meditation. As a medical student, you face constant demands, and these demands are stressful and sometimes contradictory. You are asked to consistently demonstrate competence and mastery, and at the same time allow yourself to be in a learning process – to be a fumbling beginner. 

Meditation can help foster new strengths and sources of calm for the medical student. Medical school requires intense concentration and preparation, which can lead to insecurities and worries about the future, as a physician and in your personal life. Luckily, two simple approaches to meditation tackle these concerns head-on. The first, aptly named "concentration meditation," is a method for developing the exact skills needed for exam preparation. The second, "mindfulness meditation" emphasizes the importance of non-judgment about ourselves and our thoughts. Both methods can be easily applied to the unique struggles one faces as a medical student and can offer practical solutions to stress and self-doubt, while improving one's aptitude for medical education. 

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Further information on beginning a meditation practice: