OASIS Resources for Administrators


Administrators at the Larner College of Medicine use the OASIS system to configure and manage their course offerings, to record grades, to submit narrative student performance assessments, and to monitor site and/or curriculum level requirements. Helpful user guides and FAQs are offered below. For assistance with course and/or faculty evaluations, please contact the Evaluation and Research Specialist.

Academic Advisors

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Course Administrators
  • Course set-up and management (coming soon)
  • CSE grade imports (coming soon)
  • Evaluations: course/faculty
  • Final grades and assessments (coming soon)
  • Generating Course Facesheets (coming soon)
  • NBME scores and profiles imports (coming soon)
Office of Medical Student Education
  • Academic History: viewing, editing, reports (coming soon)
  • Advisors: assigning (coming soon)
  • Degree Audits: monitoring (coming soon)
  • Data: importing to gradebook (coming soon)
  • Data: importing to academic history (coming soon)
  • Directory Information Exclusion Report (FERPA/Confidentiality Flags)(coming soon)
  • Clerkship Site Requirement Checklists: monitoring and configuring