Lived Names and Pronouns


All students at the University of Vermont can indicate their lived names and/or pronouns to the University community regardless of whether or not they have legally changed their name. Note: lived names are used solely for UVM's internal systems; external systems (such as home town newspapers, official transcripts, enrollment verification) will continue to use legal names.

In addition to noting places where lived names and legal names are used, the University provides detailed information about how to:

  • Update your lived names and/or pronouns
  • Keep your legal names private
  • Change your CATcard
  • Change your UVM email address


For Larner College of Medicine Students


OASIS does not display information about a student's sex or gender, rather, the LCOM student information system includes only the pronouns selected by the student via the UVM directory. Within 24 hours of indicating lived names and/or pronouns in the UVM directory changes are reflected in OASIS.

Places Where Lived Names are Used:

  • In OASIS
  • LCOM Name Tag
  • UVMMC Badge
  • White Coat
  • Programs for Public Events

Places Where Legal Name are Used:

  • Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) -- Your legal names will appear with a reference to your lived names in the introduction if these names differ. The faculty-written narrative assessments included in the MSPE will use your lived names.


Name Changes

All name changes are student-driven. Guidance is provided below to help medical students connect with appropriate offices.

Step 1:
You must first update your lived name(s) in the UVM directory so that other offices can verify it.


Legal Name Changes: The process for officially changing your name with the institution begins in the University Registrar's Office. If a student legally changes their name and would like education records to reflect the new name, they must complete a Name Change Form and return it (by mail, fax or in person) with two acceptable forms of identification to the UVM Registrar's Office in the Waterman Building. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver's license, marriage certificate, Social Security card, passport, or court document.

Step 2:

Consider which auxiliary services/identifications you wish to update to reflect your new name(s), then connect directly with those offices to request the change. These offices will look to the UVM Directory on the University's website to verify your name. Confirm that it appears correctly there prior to making subsequent requests.

Changing Your UVMMC Badge

UVMMC badges are created for medical students in the summer of their incoming year using the myUVM information that they are required to review and update by July 1 as part of their matriculation requirements. Changing your badge after this date may incur a nominal fee paid directly to UVMMC. To change your badge:

  • Update your UVM Directory information.
  • Email your request to the UVMMC Badge Office.
  • The Badge Office will notify you when it is ready to pick up at UHC where, if applicable, you will pay for the replacement identification.
Changing Your Larner College of Medicine Name Tag

As with UVMMC badges, LCOM name tags are created for medical students prior to their arrival at Orientation using the myUVM information that they are required to review and update by July 1 as part of their matriculation requirements. Changing your name tag after this date may incur a nominal replacement fee payable by check directly to "The University of Vermont." If you wish to request a replacement name tag:

  • Update your UVM Directory information.
  • Email your request for a new name tag to Student Services
  • Student Services will confirm that your information has been updated, place an order for a new name tag, then notify you when the replacement identification is ready to pick up at the Office of Medical Education.
Changing Your UVM ID Card

UVM identification cards may be obtained through the UVM CATcard Office.

Changing Your LCOM Email Address
  • Update your UVM Directory information.
  • Submit a footprint to the College of Medicine Electronic Help Desk to change your LCOM email address.
  • To change your username, you must change your UVM NetID prior to submitting the footprint.
Updating a Recording to Support Events

After you complete the process to change your name with the UVM Registrar please submit an updated recording of you saying your changed name to the Medical Communications Design and Photography Team. A cell phone recording will suffice in most cases. If you need help recording a new video, please contact Medical Communications.