Alpha Omega Alpha Members

It is with great pleasure that we announce the members of the class of 2023 selected for induction into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. These students have been recognized by the faculty and their peers for excellence in academic performance, leadership, and commitment to public service.

2023 Inductees

Class of 2024 Student Inductees

Rachel Bombardier
Nicholas Brunette
Sydney Cardozo
Sadie Casale
Amy Chang
Christina Cobb
Andrew DesLauriers (inducted in 2022)
Arley Donovan
Jake Ermolovich
Amanda Galenkamp, President
Heather Giguere
Mohamad Hamze
Kiana Heredia
Alex Jenkins (inducted in 2022)
Simran Kalsi, Treasurer
Anneliese Lapides
Jack Mangan
Colleen McCarthy
Than Moore
Izabella Ostrowski
Finlay Pilcher
Rebecca Rawlings
Brian Shaw
Noah Sorkow
Jack Steinharter, Vice President
Rachel Wayne

AOA Faculty Award Recipients

Matthew T. Barbery, M.D.
Lee-Anna K. Burgess, M.D.
Skyler A. Lentz, M.D.
Anamaria C. Mihu, M.D.
Bridget M. Marroquin, M.D.

AOA  Housestaff Award  Recipients

Faiz Jaspar Abu-Jaber, M.D.
Solomon Feuerwerker, M.D.
Yu-Lin Hsieh, M.D.
Ali Jandal, M.D.
Kramer Wahlberg, M.D.

2022 Inductees

Class of 2023 Student Inductees:

Victor Abraham
Niv Badrinarayanan
Brittany Ann Botticelli
Sandi Caus
Sydney Elizabeth Chatfield
Andrew DesLauriers
Kevin Christopher DiBona, Secretary-Treasurer
Emma Cooper Dunne
Grace Eisenbiegler
Negar Esfandiari
Joel Stephen Feier
Brad Fiske
Alex Jenkins
Kisha Kalra
Naomi Koliba
Michael Jacob Lawler
Sean Muniz, President
Maegan Neilson
Alexandra Novelli
Mark Alexander Oet
Michela Marit Salusti Simpson
McKenna Schimmel
Samantha Schuetz
Cyrus Neal Thomas Walker, Vice President

2022 AOA Faculty Award Recipient and 2022 Inductees

Jesse Ritvo, MD
Department of Psychiatry, Central Vermont Medical Center

Katie Wells, MD, MPH
Department of Surgery, Division of Emergency Medicine, UVM Medical Center

2022 AOA Housestaff Award Recipients and 2022 Inductees

Ali Jandal, MD
Department of Internal Medicine, UVM Medical Center

David Steinmetz, MD
Department of Internal Medicine, UVM Medical Center


We are certainly fortunate to have such an excellent group of students and new AOA members. Congratulations to each of them!