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  • Request a consultation and learn more about the research process at UVM, UVM Medical Center, and UVM Health Network.
  • Clarify your research pathway.
  • Let us help you connect with a new collaborator.
  • Identify educational and professional development opportunities.
  • Browse internal and external funding opportunities.
  • Ensure your trial adheres to federal and institutional policies and procedures with our Clinical Trial Quality Assurance Monitoring Program.
  • Utilize our Research Events Calendar to stay up to date with internal grant application deadlines, training opportunities, and seminars.

Research Navigator Intake Form

The purpose of the form is to help you navigate the complex research structure at the University of Vermont and University of Vermont Health Network. After completion, we will provide you with an individualized pathway tailored to your needs within 2 business days. Please fill out the form completely, as the pathway is based on your answers.

What are the benefits of filling out this form for each new protocol?

  • Your individualized pathway, which you or your designee will receive within 2 business days, will not inhibit your progress, but rather identify the appropriate steps and resources for successful, streamlined initiation of your protocol.
  • Including the pathway developed by the Research Navigator Program with your Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol submission will indicate you are aware of the required steps for protocol approval and that you will connect with other committees and resources necessary for protocol implementation, thus expediting review and approvals.
  • Pathways are continually updated to reflect changes in federal and institutional requirements.
  • We can help connect you with collaborators or resources throughout the University community with which you may be unfamiliar.
Visit our UVM Research Navigator Commons site for institution specific research resources and information on grant funding and educational opportunities!

Navigator Intake Form