Information for Investigators

Understanding the many demands of our facility, the Office of Clinical Trials Research has been established to help facilitate external contact and streamline internal collaboration.  The office is here to help investigators with everything from preparing recruitment advertising to complying with regulatory guidelines to finding dry ice.

Mandatory Contract and Grant Reviews

All contracts and grant applications for awards of external funding must be reviewed and approved centrally by UVM or UVM Medical Center.  For applications and contracts which are federally funded, investigator-initiated, or laboratory based research, this process is managed by Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) and processed through UVM.  For clinical research funded by an industry sponsor, this process is managed by the Office of Clinical Trials Research and processed through UVM Medical Center.

This serves several purposes:

  • Protection of the rights of the investigator to own, publish, and present research data, where desired
  • Protection of the investigator, research staff, institution, and all involved in our research enterprise in the event of any legal action
  • Assurance of the most favorable contract terms for the investigator, including but not limited to financial and payment terms

UVMMC Processing

All contracts must be reviewed by OCTR prior to signature.  Forward a draft or final contract to the attention of Mark Tomase, Regulatory Specialist for OCTR.  After the review, your contract will be signed by the authorized official of UVMMC and returned to the sponsor.