AHEC Student Interest Groups (SIG)



The HERO Mentors SIG is responsible for facilitating the AHEC HERO Mentors program. We partner current medical students with high school students across Northern Vermont who are interested in the healthcare field. Through this program, we aim to educate high school students on the various careers that exist in healthcare, and we hope to steer them in the appropriate direction through different STEM modules and 1:1 meetings. HERO is a structured program with a set time commitment (40 hours).

Student Leaders: Tucker Angier and Jason Ludlow (Class of 2026) AHEC Advisor: Nicole LaPointe, Northern Vermont AHEC LCOM Faculty Advisor: Andrea Green, MD

Med Mentors SIG

The Med Mentors SIG provides mentoring and medical education opportunities for undergraduate students at UVM and other Vermont universities. The aim is to encourage and support students interested in pursuing careers in medicine or other health care fields.  In collaboration with the Vermont AHEC Network, activities include mentoring for the UVM Pre-health Enrichment Program (PEP), Pre-health Clinics, panel presentations on topics such as studying for the MCAT and completing applications, as well as making one-to-to mentor matches. This SIG welcomes members with all levels of interest and time commitment - there is the opportunity to mentor just a little as well as the chance to complete the 40 mentoring hours needed to complete the AHEC Scholars Education and Mentoring SIG 80-hour pathway. Email lcommedmentors@gmail.com to learn more.

Student Leaders: Neelia Abadi, Saim Ali, Jonathan Chen and Greta Joos (Class of 2027) AHEC Faculty: Charles MacLean, MD AHEC Advisor: Patti Smith Urie


AHEC Scholars Education & Mentoring SIG 80-hour Pathway

The Education & Mentoring pathway is an AHEC Scholars eligible activity that can be completed by Larner medical students in their first or second year at LCOM. The program includes 40 didactic hours and at least 40 field hours. To meet AHEC Scholars requirements, the 80 hours must be completed within the same academic year (August – May).

Participating students complete 40 field hours as a member of one or both of the LCOM mentoring SIGs - HERO SIG and Med Mentors SIG.

The 40-hour didactic curriculum is titled Cross-Cultural Encounters in Mentoring and Patient Care and is led by Nicole LaPointe, MSW, EdD, Executive Director for Northern Vermont AHEC.

See Education & Mentoring program overview HERE

Applications will be accepted in August 2024 for the 2024-25 academic year.