White Coat

White Coat Ceremony 

for the Larner College of Medicine Class of 2027

Ira Allen Chapel

Friday, October 13, 2023
at 1:00 P.M.

Reception immediately following to be held at the Dudley H. Davis Center on the 4th floor in the Grand Maple Ballroom.  

What is a White Coat Ceremony?

Initiated on August 20, 1993 at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, this annual ceremony or a similar rite now takes place for first-year medical students at about 90 percent of schools of medicine and osteopathy in the United States, and is supported by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation

According to the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, the White Coat Ceremony helps establish a psychological contract for the practice of medicine.

Physicians dressed in black until the late 19th century, due to the association of black attire as formal. Physicians adopted the white coat as a symbol of purity at the beginning of the 20th century.


Members of the Class of 2027 will be allotted up to five guest tickets for the White Coat Ceremony with the option to request additional tickets. Requesting additional tickets is not a guarantee they will be received. Additional information on requesting tickets has been sent to the Class of 2027.

Accommodation Requests

Live captions will be provided at the ceremony. If you or a guest attending the ceremony require an ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter, need an accessible parking space, accessible seating or other accommodations please contact Liz Dohrman as soon as possible.

Parking for Guests

Parking for guests will be available in the Jeffords lot. Anyone parking in the Jeffords lot without a valid UVM parking permit (a Green permit for the Jeffords lot) MUST pay to park via Park Mobile app, using zone 6002. It is highly recommended that guests download the Park Mobile app before arriving on campus. Download the app here.  


On-campus shuttles will be running and a dedicated shuttle will be available to bring guests directly to the chapel before the ceremony. The dedicated shuttle will also be available to bring guest back to the Jeffords lot and to the Davis Center for the reception after the ceremony.  A limited number of ADA accessible spaces are available at the Ira Allen Chapel. Please contact Liz Dohrman as soon as possible if guests need an accessible parking space

Livestream & Photography

The event will be livestreamed for family and friends who are unable to attend. The livestream link will be posted on the White Coat webpage. 

A professional photographer will take photos of the event and a gallery will be available a few days after the ceremony at med.uvm.edu.

Ceremony Logistics for the Class of 2027

Members of the Class of 2027 must arrive to assemble in the lower level of the Ira Allen Chapel no later than 12:00 pm. 

Student Lineup and Procession
Student lineup will begin promptly at 12:45 pm and the procession will begin immediately at 1:00 pm. Student cooperation during this process is greatly appreciated. Staff and student volunteers will guide students into alphabetical order for the procession into Ira Allen Chapel and their seating on the main floor.

What to bring/not bring
Students should not bring backpacks, laptops or other valuables with them. While we will have a location for students to leave coats, purses, and other belongings during the ceremony, this is not an event where students want to carry their belongings with them. You will not receive your white coat before the ceremony. You will be cloaked with your white coat during the ceremony.

What to wear
Please dress in professional/interview attire for the ceremony. Whatever you choose should be comfortable and easy to manage when your coat is put on. Thick sweaters or anything that would constrict students from raising their arms to put on the white coat should be avoided. High-heeled shoes are discouraged, as there are narrow, steep stairs both on and off the stage. The stage is about four feet above the floor and students should take this into account when choosing footwear and skirt/dress/pant length. 

How do I get cloaked with my white coat?
During the Ceremony, students will be called on stage by name to be cloaked with their white coats by College of Medicine Leadership. Getting cloaked properly with your white coat can be challenging. Watch a video of 2022 ceremony to see how to stand and move your arms appropriately to help the cloaking go more smoothly. Cloaking starts at the 1-hour mark in the video.



Contact the Liz Dohrman at 
elizabeth.dohrman@med.uvm.edu or 802-656-3401

Photos & Video of the Class of 2026 White Coat Ceremony

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