Undergraduate Research Projects & Credits

Undergraduate students may undertake a research project as part of their degree program and also receive course credit for the experience (MMG 1995/2995/3995). Students will choose a laboratory in which to perform their research and work with the faculty member (Course Director) to select a project and to set expectations, scope, and parameters for the project. The student’s Academic Adviser will also be kept abreast of the project's progress. Projects may be submitted to the CALS Academic Awards Committee for consideration for the CALS Distinguished Undergraduate Research (DUR) Award.

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Here are a few past examples:

Valorie Annalise Vanarsdall - Thesis: Outbreak-Associated Serovars of Salmonellaenterica with Strong Heat Stress Response may possess Enhanced Sanitizer Tolerance


Margaret Conway Haley - Thesis: Examining the Effectiveness of CombiningGlutaredoxin and Pirfenidone on Lowering Fibrotic Markers


Students and Research Faculty Sponsors will need to complete and sign the MMG Research Credit Request form.

For more information on the MMG Undergraduate Research course offerings, please see the MMG Undergraduate Research Syllabus.

To learn more about undergraduate research projects and opportunities, contact the Course Director

"Being in a small department means it’s easy to build relationships with your professors and classmates, and it allows for a lot of opportunities. I was able to conduct undergraduate research, do an internship, and be a teaching assistant during my time in the MMG department."

-Hannah (Microbiology '19)

Hannah Hatch