Gender Equity Steering Committee

The Gender Equity Steering Committee guides the mission and goals of the Gender Equity Initiative. It is comprised of LCOM community members representing different stages of career from across clinical and basic science departments. The committee is intentionally diverse with members from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds as well as gender identities and sexual orientation. Working groups of additional faculty and staff that coalesce around a selection of the above goals report to GESC on a monthly basis.  

NameTitleDepartmentWorking Group
Anne Dougherty, MD, Chair 

Associate Professor,

Director for Gender Equity 
Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences 

Pam Gibson, MD 

Ramsey Herrington, MDChief, Emergency Medicine; Assistant ProfessorEmergency MedicineRecruitment
Sherrie KhadangaAssistant Professor, CardiologyMedicineRecruitment
Bridget MarroquinAssociate ProfessorAnesthesiologyRecruitment
Nathalie Feldman, MDAssociate Professor, Director of the Learning EnvironmentObstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive SciencesEnvironment
Katie Wells, MDAssistant ProfessorEmergency MedicineCommunity Outreach and Collaboration
Joanna Conant, MDAssistant ProfessorPathologyEducation
Leigh Ann Holterman, PhDAssistant Professor, Director, Students WellbeingOffice of Medical EducationEducation
James Stafford, PhD Assistant ProfessorNeurological SciencesEnvironment


Working Groups

Recruitment, Retention, Promotion, and Leadership Tracking

  • Collects and analyzes data on LCOM recruitment, retention and promotion (RPT) of women and gender minorities
  • Studies best practices for RPT of women and gender minorities and proposes strategies to enhance RPT of target population.
  • Works with administration to understand salary gender gap analysis
  • Tracks leadership positions and committee membership with respect to gender equity.
  • Studies best practices for increasing gender equity in leadership positions
  • Members:Ramsey Herrington, Sherrie Khandanga, Bridget Marroquin


Education and Professional Development

  • Organizes Gender Equity Education Series events throughout the year
  • Organizes Women in Medicine and Science Networking lunches
  • Monitors effectiveness of education events
  • Members: Jo Conant, Leigh Ann Holterman, Eileen Cichoski-Kelly, Jennifer Hall, Molly Barry


The Environment

  • Reviews LCOM and UVM climate studies with respect to gender equity
  • Examines the physical LCOM environment with respect to gender equity and provides recommendations to leadership
  • Critically examines UVM gender harassment policy
  • Reviews LCOM policies and benefits that affect gender equity (such as family leave, flexible work schedules, onsite childcare) and makes recommendations to increase family friendly policies at LCOM
  • Members: Pam Gibson, Nathalie Feldman, James Stafford, Katie Devitt, Naomi Hodde


Community Outreach and Collaboration

  • Monitors committee and award nomination opportunities for women and non-binary community members
  • Formulates and juries annual “Celebration of Women in Medicine and Science” awards
  • Works with Office of Communications to publicize gender equity events
  • Seeks out opportunities to collaborate across LCOM and outside
  • Gathers regional and national conference/workshop opportunities relevant to gender equity
  • Members: Katie Wells