Admitted Students

DR MOOcolornotextCongratulations on your admission to the Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont

You will find UVM is a wonderful medical school with an excellent faculty, and students who are both talented and  congenial. 

We're here to help!

We're committed to helping you succeed.  If at any time you have questions, you can contact the Admissions Office at or by phone at 802.656.2154. 

What to do next:   

  • Get your UVM Student ID Number. You will receive an email from us that includes a web site where you'll be asked to fill out a short form. Once you have a UVM Student ID number you will be able to pay your deposit.
  • Send in your enrollment deposit. You must submit your $100 enrollment deposit within two weeks to hold your seat in the class.  This deposit is credited toward your first years tuition. 
  • Review your contact information. Please keep your preferred contact information updated in AMCAS. Until matriculation, this is the phone number, email address, and regular mailing address that we will use to contact you.
  • Release information for your background check. Your acceptance is provisional until you have completed and released the results of a criminal background check. Please review our brochure, "About the AAMC-Facilitated Background Check Service" for more information.
  • Connect with our Student Financial Services Coordinator.  To schedule a meeting, review tuition costs or to get any other financial assistance, visit Financial Services.  This is a Larner College of Medicine-specific resource for financial services.
  • Get an OASIS account. Once you have completed the first steps, you need to get an OASIS account and complete your matriculation requirements. You can find instructions to log in on the matriculation requirements webpage.


For an example of what to expect during orientation week, visit the Orientation Course website.

If you need to withdraw...

The deadline for those holding multiple acceptances to select one school and release all others is April 30th.   In order to receive a refund of your enrollment deposit, we must receive your request to withdraw no later than that date.  Please let us know in writing or by email at that you would like to decline your seat.

Connect with Us



You can connect with your future classmates on the Larner College of Medicine Class of 2022 Facebook Page (coming soon) for information about  housing, etc.  Participation is wholly voluntary.   Please use good judgment in what is posted and remember that this means  of communication should not be considered private or confidential.


Follow the Larner College of Medicine on Twitter to find out the most recent news and activity happening daily.  Share your own tweets using #uvmmedicine 


See what is going on at the Larner College of Medicine by following the Instagram feed.  Share your own photos using #uvmmedicine 


In the student blog, Larner College of Medicine students share  their thoughts on everything--from their first-year experience, to  fourth year rotations.  If you're interested in writing for the blog, contact


The AAMC has put together guidelines for admitted applicants that may be helpful.  You can review them here.

Office of Medical Student Education

The OMSE has helpful information for matriculated students.  Check the Weekly Wire and the Student Interest Groups pages.