Essentials of Teaching and Assessment Course

2020 Essentials of Teaching and Assessment Resources


2020 Essentials of Teaching and Assessment PROGRAM


Teaching in the Virtual Environment Resources

Pre-learning: Cognitive Load Theory and its application in the classroom (PDF)



Objective Driven Teaching Resources 

Taxonomy verbs (Word doc)

USMLE topics (Word doc)

Objective Driven Teaching worksheet (Word doc)

Creating a Positive Learning Environment Resources

1. If you have either seen our curriculum before or have very limited time, please watch this 8 minute film.  Please focus on whether or not you think there is student mistreatment in each of the 4 (interwoven) scenarios.  We will be discussing these scenarios on Friday. Scenarios were scripted based on LCOM student experiences collected from focus groups.

Film #1 Perspective of learners (8 min), Password: UVMFilms 

2. If you are new to the topic of learner mistreatment and to our curriculum, please review the module posted here (30 minutes), which has the above film embedded within:

User Name:  psychmod

Password:  UVMmodules@#


Writing Inclusive Cases Resources

Race and Culture Guide for Editors of Teaching Cases (PDF)

Addressing Race, Culture, and Structural Inequality in Medical Education (PDF)

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