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Photo of Division Chief, Dr. AlstonMessage from the Division Chief

Our academic and research efforts are integrated with our clinical care responsibilities at The University of Vermont Medical Center. As a vital component of our work, our research laboratories support a number of projects by graduate students, fellows, research associates, and attending physicians. Investigations center on the molecular biology and pathogenesis of Entamoeba histolytica, Cryptosporidium species, Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhi, Campylobacter jejuni as well as Phase I clinical trials developing live attenuated Dengue virus vaccines.

Clinical research efforts include epidemiologic investigations into Clostridium difficile infection and risks; HIV service delivery models and outcomes; and exploration of the biologic rationale of oral polio and rotavirus vaccine failure in an international field trial setting.

Our faculty physicians participate in key sections of the Vermont Integrated Curriculum for medical students, including medicine clerkships and acting internships. Our fellowship is a two-year training program emphasizing clinical management of HIV/ AIDS, complex infections, and offers dedicated bench or clinical research opportunities. For the past sixteen years, we have graduated fellows with a 100% board certification pass rate.

This past year we provided over 1900 new inpatient consultations and 6,000 outpatient visits. This effort includes the care of over 400 patients with HIV in four federally funded clinics in Vermont, international traveler's clinic and refugee clinic. We work collaboratively with the Vermont Department of Health for diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis and biological and pandemic influenza preparedness. In addition our division is a resource to all providers throughout Vermont and upstate New York.

W. Kemper Alston, M.D., M.P.H.
Professor of Medicine
Division Chief, Infectious Disease Unit


Physically located on or nearby the University of Vermont campus, our research and education facilities are adjacent to our hospital teaching partner, The University of Vermont Medical Center. This close relationship fosters a culture of collaboration and partnership. Our team is housed in the Smith Building at The University of Vermont Medical Center.

Our Burlington home is nestled between the shores of Lake Champlain and the vistas of the Green Mountains. Learn more about living in Burlington.

The HIV/AIDS Comprehensive Care Clinics (CCC) have four locations in regional hospitals throughout Vermont.