Vermont Medicine magazine features stories about students, faculty, and the alumni of the Larner College of Medicine and its engagement with the wider community.


Bobbi Pritt, M.D.’01, was drawn to pathology the minute she looked through a microscope at slides of human tissue. “I thought they were just beautiful,” Pritt recalls today. “In tissue pathology, we use all these stains. So there were these brilliant pinks and purples, blues, reds—beautiful colors—and I thought it was very pretty. I liked the structure of the tissue. It kind of got back to my artistic side, I guess. It’s a very visual field.”>> READ MORE


On June 29, 2018, medical students Katherine Callahan ’21 and Christina Dawson ’21 arrived in Kampala, Uganda, not quite sure what to expect. They returned to Vermont six weeks later with a deeper understanding of medicine across cultures, and what it means to be a physician. In their weekly reflections, they write about feeling lost, frustrated, and out of place. They worry about their lack of medical knowledge, and question their ability to help patients in any meaningful way. As they work through the learning curve and the inevitable frustrations, they also forge deep bonds with patients and providers at St. Stephen’s Hospital. They witness births, and also their first patient deaths. They care for patients at a rehabilitation home, help at an anti-retroviral clinic for HIV patients, and scrub in on surgeries. >> READ MORE

Center for Health Services Research

On the fourth floor of the Given Building at the Larner College of Medicine, Adam Atherly, Ph.D., surveys the space outside of his newly-painted office. Two adjacent doors open into rooms with empty desks. A common area includes space for a few more cubicles with top-notch views of the Green Mountains. In one corner, a coat rack hangs on otherwise empty walls. Outside the glass door, a sign reads: UVM Center for Health Services Research. Although the offices may be a work-in-progress, the mission for the new center is clear: Foster cutting-edge research that improves the delivery of healthcare, leading to better population health in Vermont and across the country.>> READ MORE