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Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship
The Patient at the Center

In the spring of 2019, Dan* walked through the doors of a primary care clinic in upstate New York. Sweating, shaking, and nauseous, he was overwhelmed with the symptoms of severe opioid withdrawal. He was also ready to quit using heroin. A nurse at the clinic asked Dan if he would agree to have UVM Larner College of Medicine student Jordan Munger ’21 talk with him. “As long as he’s okay with seeing me cry,” said Dan.

Gary Ward, Ph.D.
Open Access

Gary Ward, Ph.D., UVM professor of microbiology and molecular genetics, remembers the precise moment he decided to champion for change in scientific publishing. “I remember it clear as day,” says Ward. The “aha moment” was at the 2000 annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology. The keynote speaker that year was Nobel laureate Dr. Harold Varmus who was the former director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). “Instead of talking about science he talked about publishing,” says Dr. Ward. >> READ MORE

Rituals of Honor in Hospital Hallways

The double doors of the surgical intensive care unit opened into a hallway crowded with dozens of hospital employees. A hospital bed emerged, and we all fell silent. Most beds roll out of the I.C.U. briskly, en route to radiology or an operating room, whirring with the beeps and blinks of monitors and the quick conversation of busy nurses. This bed was different. It moved at a stately pace, and the team that accompanied it was changed as well. >> READ MORE