Vermont Medicine magazine features stories about students, faculty, and the alumni of the Larner College of Medicine and its engagement with the wider community.

The Pandemic: True Stories of Our Battle Against COVID-19
The Pandemic

We had not seen it for a hundred years: a global outbreak so pervasive and virulent that it brought normal life across the world to a standstill. When COVID-19 swept across this country in March, Larner faculty, students, staff members, and alumni across the country went into action in all the areas served by the College’s missions. >> READ MORE

Good Incentives
Good Incentives

In a rural hospital in Nakaseke, two pieces of paper are tacked to the waiting room wall. One tells patients to bring their own toilet paper—the low-budget hospital can’t afford to provide any. The second lists the limited services the hospital offers, and the fee for each. A pregnancy test costs the equivalent of $1.32; a “normal” delivery $6.32; and a cesarean section followed by a tubal ligation comes to just shy of $20. It seems inexpensive, but for the fact that most local women average monthly take-home pay of less than $100.  >> READ MORE

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