Perinatal Care Project List

Welcome to the list of active VCHIP Perinatal projects. The information below provides a brief overview of the selected research area. Please select from the following links for a more detailed project summary and contact information.

Improving Breastfeeding Supports in Primary Care Settings

  • Partnering with Vermont WIC at the Vermont Department of Health this project aims to measurably increase the number of Vermont mothers and babies who are exclusively breastfeeding to six months... read more.

Improving Care for Opioid-exposed Newborns (ICON)

  • The ICON project partners with stakeholders to improve health outcomes for opiate-dependent mothers and their opioid-exposed newborns... read more

Improving Preconception Health through Enhanced Education of Health Care Providers on Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)

  • This project is to increase the utilization of long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) before and between pregnancies in order to decrease unintended pregnancies and poor birth outcomes... read more.

Late Preterm Infant (LPI) Quality Improvement Project

  • This project developed and implemented practice changes that would potentially decrease the rate of late preterm infant (34+0 and 36+6 weeks gestation) births and ensure high quality care for those infants... read more.

Obstetric Outreach

  • We partner with the Vermont Department of Health to improve the health of pregnant women and neonates across Vermont. Our objectives are to focus on quality improvement, to strengthen our network of Maternal Health and Family Medicine providers, and to provide... read more.

Vermont Regional Perinatal Health Project (VRPHP)

  • In partnership with the Vermont Department of Health, Vermont community hospital birthing centers, and The University of Vermont Medical Center, the VRPHP project is a high-quality academic health care resource for education, skills competencies, and quality improvement in perinatal health care... read more.

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