Information Systems and Educational Technology Staff


Jill Jemison -- Director, Chief Information Officer of Health Sciences

Darcy Pientka -- Assistant Director, Information Security Officer


Gordon White -- Technical Support Manager

Chase Armstrong -- Technology Support Technician

Alex Boudreaux - Technology Support Technician

Brandon Dyer -- Technology Support Technician

Eslam Eid - Technology Support Technician

Nick Lemon - Technical Support Specialist

Jake Montanaro -- Technology Support Technician

Stephen Goldman -- Database and Application Manager

Anthony Colli -- Senior Programmer

Caitlyn Dayman - Health Data Analyst/Architect

Pamela James -- SharePoint Project Lead

Almer Rivera -- SQL Database Administrator


David Towle-Hilt -- Enterprise Architect, Team Lead

Doug Murphy -- Infrastructure Engineer

Derek Coffrin --Cloud & Security Engineer

Brianne Rivera -- Deployment and Systems Administrator

Chris Thompson -- Enterprise Systems Engineer


Bruce Kimball -- AV Systems Engineer, Team Lead

Jason Towsley -- AV & IT Technician


Laurie Gelles -- Educational Technology Team Lead

Cathy Ryan -- Educational Technology Specialist

Raj Chawla -- Faculty Technology Liaison

Ryan Phillips -- Senior Programmer