Information Systems (COMIS)

20110810_MedPhoto_006_180x250The Larner College of Medicine has built an information system which connects computers, provides shared software and data, and provides access to the Internet and Internet2 (I2). This system provides students, faculty and staff a sophisticated level of connectivity and services. The system is housed on the UVM networking backbone within the domain. This means that web and e-mail addresses on the system will contain "" but the system is designed to provide access to The University of Vermont Medical Center system as well.

Key Features of the System

  • Integration with the UVM network plus connectivity to the information systems of UVMMC;
  • Reliable design that ensures system availability;
  • Easy access on and off campus;
  • A "baseline" desktop unit featuring an integrated suite of Microsoft tools and related programs;
  • Accessibility through computers other than the baseline unit;
  • An electronic "home" for every user;
  • A support system that provides ongoing assistance.

As medical education, research, and clinical care has moved towards greater use of information systems, it is more vital than ever that effective, efficient, and secure tools are in place and reflect current and future capacity. This system is designed to address this need.

What We Do

The Larner College of Medicine Information Services department (COMIS) has many duties, from helping with a broken keyboard to retrieving accidentally deleted files from back-up. The following is a partial list of activities that COMIS does on a routine basis.

  • Keep servers up-to-date and in working order
  • Perform nightly back-ups of servers and data
  • Assist departments with computer orders (check here for hardware recommendations)
  • Repair COM machines - Dell Certified technicians
  • Install legally licensed software on COM computers
  • Troubleshoot application problems
  • Staffs the Service Center (802-488-5553) and online problem reporting (Footprints)
  • Provide support for students and their COM laptops
  • Provide loaner machines to COM users