The Wellness Committee

Wellness Committee Faculty Advisors:Wellness Committee Creemee Night

  • Dr. Alison Fitzgerald
  • Dr. Lee Rosen
  • Dr. Michael Upton

Wellness Committee Staff Liaison: Nelly "Karina" Lopez

The Wellness Committee serves to promote the health of the student body through educational and recreational events within UVM LCOM. The group runs monthly peer support group meetings, biannual mental health panels, provides confidential one-on-one peer support, and can connect students to mental health resources within the university and the broader community. The committee continuously works to implement new ideas that promote the overall wellbeing of the student body, including monthly free produce, summer and spring Creemee nights, and mindfulness mini-series.

View Wellness Committee Events under their Learning Commons Space (MED credentials required)...

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions,
please do not hesitate to reach out to any of your Wellness Committee Representatives.

Highlights June 2020 Meeting:

  • Joint Leadership Reading Initiative – Wellness is supporting SJC in reading Healing Resistance together for a collaborative book club this summer.
  • Reading Block for Race Equity – There is an idea for a possible reading block for fourth years regarding race equity as an additional nonclinical activity this fall. Wellness would like to support this!
  • Masks and Clinical Students – Students will be wearing mostly cloth masks in the clinical environment and it would be great for each student to have access to two high quality masks. Wellness is supporting a student run initiative to make these and will help recruit folks who can sew!

Highlights May 2020 Meeting:

  • Quarantine Support for Students – Wellness Committee members will help to provide support (supplies, groceries, etc.) to students returning to Vermont who may need to quarantine. Check out the Weekly Wire for more information.
  • Gong for Fall Anatomy Ceremony – We are doing extensive research to find a gong or a singing bowl for the fall Anatomy Reflection Ceremony. We also plan to lend it to Mindfulness SIG if it would add to guided meditations.
  • Wellness Business Cards – New business cards are in the works that will have a QR code with link to the wellness website! 

Highlights April 2020 Meeting:

  • Wellness Quarantine Cup – The Wellness Committee is hosting a “Quarantine Cup” to promote student wellness and to support a local artist with the purchase of a piece of artwork for the school. Check out our Instagram page larnerwellness to follow along!
  • Hospital Posters – Students are making posters that we will put up along driveways leading to the hospital as a thank you to our front line healthcare workers.
  • Interschool Virtual Solidarity Meeting – An inter-medical school meeting about COVID-19 response at each school is in the works. Stay tuned next month!


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