Student Education Group

Faculty Advisor - Dr. Christa Zehle
Staff Liaison - Dr. Leigh Ann Holterman

The Student Education Group is comprised of students dedicated to and actively involved in the improvement of the medical school curriculum. Representatives from each class meet once a month with the Interim Senior Associate Dean of Medical Education, Dr. Christa Zehle, to discuss a variety of issues pertaining to the student experience within the Vermont Integrated Curriculum (VIC). The group’s responsibility is to act as a liaison with faculty to provide a unified student point of view, and to appropriately bring pertinent educational issues to the attention of faculty and course directors. SEG is charged with reviewing course evaluations written by students at the close of each Foundations course and presenting that data to the Foundations Committee, which oversees the pre-clinical portion of the curriculum.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions,
please either let one of your SEG Representatives know or email Megan Boyer.

Highlights August 2020 Meeting:

  • Fall updates including medical student testing and new COVID protocols
  • Project updates including exam review proposal
  • Discussion to include segments that explore the research process within SEG meetings

Highlights June 2020 Meeting:

  • Course and committee updates
  • Discussion regarding changes to STEP within the LCOM and greater community
  • Project updates including the anatomy-radiology integration

Highlights May 2020 Meeting:

  • Discussion with Dr. Feldman regarding the learning environment, code of conduct, and other policies
  • Updates from SJC about changes to the fall PCR curriculum
  • Project updates including the SEG email address and exam review proposal 

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Class Representatives

Class of 2021

Audrea Bose
Sidney Hilker
Flora Liu
Sienna Searles

Class of 2022

Megan Boyer
Maggie Carey
Kelly Chan
Rachel Harrison

Class of 2023

Raj Aurora
Will Brown
Anna Chamby
Delaney Sztraicher

Class of 2024

Heather Giguere
Daniel Fried
Sam Afshari
Will Yakubik