Medical Student Services

The Medical Student Services Team provides student services and support for academic success, personal health and wellbeing and career advising. Moreover, the Student Services Team supports Student Council, the Wellness Committee, the student honors societies (AOA and GHHS) and the Committee on Advancement and Fitness; serving as a student advocate for all students.

For an overview of our policies and procedures, view the Student Handbook.

Academic Achievement

Academic achievement services include individualized meetings with the Director of Academic Achievement (learning strategy, skills resources, success planning); peer tutor referrals; learner enrichment and development programming; USMLE preparation and support; referrals to the Stern Center for Language and Learning; referrals to UVM Student Accessibility Services.

Personal Health and Well-being

Personal Health and Well-being services include meetings with Dr. Lee Rosen, referrals to counseling services and health and well-being programming in collaboration with the university and the Wellness Committee.

Career Planning

Career advising services include training, support and resources for primary (PCR) and specialty advisors, information regarding specialties (CiM specialty panel, support for specialty SIGs, information regarding CiM) and information, support and resources for applying to residency.

Larner College of Medicine Student Guidebooks

UVM Cultural Resource Guide

We know that getting settled in a new place can be both exciting, and challenging. We wanted to bring your attention to a wonderful resource, the UVM Cultural Resource Guide, to help your transition.

This guide was created for people new to the Burlington area, especially those historically marginalized and underrepresented identities, to learn more about the diverse resources available in the Greater Burlington area. The guide can serve as a vital resource for prospective and current faculty, staff, and students from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and/or identities.

2022 Introduction to Clerkship Guide

The Student Education Committee (SEC) and Larner Chapter of the Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Medical Honor Society collaborated on a document that is intended to be an introductory guide to clerkships. They included individual documents on how to be clinically successful on each clerkship, resources for shelf exams, campus specific guides with helpful tips and navigation, and an overview of clerkship grading. This is not endorsed by our Larner administration or clerkship directors, but rather is a student-directed guide that they hope can continue to be passed down to subsequent classes. Check out the 2022 Introduction to Clerkship Guide.

2019 Student Guidebook

Community Section

Created as a framework and starting place for readers to gain information as well as potentially see themselves reflected in the various offerings of Vermont. Brings together many sources of information for easy access. Information reflects a diverse collection of community experiences and resources from which everyone may benefit.

Visit the Student Guidebook - Community Subsection

2019 Student Guidebook

Academics Section

The Student Ambassadors and SALT team collaborated with several students current and graduated to create an Academic subsection to the LCOM Student Guidebook to help guide students through their first day of classes up until graduation. It is a 70+ page document that includes where to study, how to study for different courses, how to schedule USMLE exams and how to maneuver the third- and fourth-year lottery. It is password protected and will be updated as new changes are made and with submitted feedback.


After reviewing the Student Guidebook, please do not hesitate to contribute your own thoughts/feedback/updates/etc...