Free Meeting with a CFP® 

WellConnect logoBeginning summer 2020, the Larner College of Medicine has partnered with WellConnect to provide various student services, including comprehensive financial counseling, with a Certified Financial Planner®.

This service is in addition to our Medical Student Financial Services, not in place of. However, given the knowledge base of a CFP®, certain questions (such as about investing or disability insurance) may be best directed toward a true financial planner.

Preparing for your FREE Appointment

Medical Student Financial Services is here to support the relationship between our medical students and WellConnect. You may take advantage of a 30-minute session (once per academic year that you’re enrolled), per topic. A topic could be budgeting, investing, credit, or other. You are entitled to a second 30-minute session in the same year on the same topic if you have experienced a change in situation (examples include: change in living location, change in marital status).   

Note: Incoming first year students are eligible beginning July 1 of the summer you matriculate. If you plan to matriculate August 2021, you are eligible for counseling beginning 7/1/2021.

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Steps to follow:
  1. Call 866-640-4777 and follow the prompts. You do not need our school code handy – they will simply ask which institution you attend.
  2. A representative will take information from you, such as your school, geographic region, and other details. The representative will create a referral after disconnecting with you.
  3. You will be matched with a CFP® from their Student Assistance Program. This individual could be located anywhere in the country! A phone appointment will then be scheduled based on your availability.
  4. Participate in your FREE certified financial counseling appointment!
  5. Consider emailing to share feedback about your meeting – we want to hear from you!
How to prepare for your appointment while your referral is processing:

√  Gather all of your financial information, such as recurring bills.

√  Plan your schedule so you can be in front of your computer for your appointment; this way items are easily accessed should the CFP spontaneously ask questions (for example, interest rates on accounts you may have).

√  Have your goals and questions prepared since the session is limited to ½ hour per topic.

√  Familiarize yourself with your financial aid refund amounts/living expense allotment since your direct deposit(s) serves as income during your time of enrollment. The financial aid budget/cost of attendance is linked here.

√  Think about the concerns or assistance you need so you can advocate for yourself.

  • Did you know WellConnect has a Work Life Benefit Team which maintains a special database of various assistance opportunities specific to your situation and/or geographic region?
  • Examples include programs on renter assistance, food pantries, community partnerships, utility heating assistance, and much more!