Resident Research & Scholarly Activity


Research, whether in basic or clinical science, education or quality improvement is strongly supported within our Department. A structured research curriculum has been designed aimed at providing residents with an opportunity to complete at least one scholarly project by the end of their 4th year. These projects are presented during the Chief year at Resident Research Day. Additionally, many resident projects are presented at local and national meetings.

Research Curriculum

The research curriculum is captured as protected time that is embedded in outpatient rotations and extends throughout the residency. This ensures that residents are provided with protected time during the day to work on their projects, i.e., develop a hypothesis, obtain the necessary IRB/IACUC approval, collect and analyze their data. At least 8 hours of protected resident didactic time is reserved for a resident research "boot camp" aimed at reviewing important research related concepts for all residents. In addition to individual research mentors, selected by each resident depending on their research interest, the overall research curriculum is overseen by our resident research supervisor, Dr. Steve Brown.

Current Projects
A Triple Aim Curriculum that Addresses Health Care Inequity: The Results of a Resident Driven QI Project that Improves Postpartum Care High Risk Population
Katherine Menezes, M.D.

Bronwyn Kenny, M.D.

Stephanie Mann, M.D.

Promoting Prenatal Smoking Cessation: A QI Initiative
Rebecca Parad, M.D.
Stephanie Mann, M.D.
Postoperative Pain and Opioid Use Following Cesarean Delivery in Women Maintained on Methadone versus Buprenorphine during Pregnancy
Rebecca Parad, M.D.

Marjorie Meyer, M.D.

Stage at Presentation and Travel Time for Patients with Cervical Cancer Treated at Tertiary Care Hospitals with Rural Catchment Areas in New England
Johanna Kelley, M.D.
Evelyn Cantillo, M.D.


Past Projects
"Preterm birth in VT"Vicki Chase, M.D.Marj Meyer, M.D.
Kelley McLean, M.D.
“Tdap immunization in pregnancy”Courtney Cox, M.D.Kelley McLean, M.D.
"Ultrasound detection of congenital heart disease"Lia Nelson, M.D.

Kelley McLean, M.D.

"Somali labor curve and birth outcomes in Vermont"Jenna Flanagan, M.D.Stephanie Mann, M.D.
"Patient personal access barriers to LARC in college age women in Vermont"Kelley McCaffrey, M.D.Steve Brown, M.D.
“An Exercise Intervention in Endometrial Hyperplasia and Endometrial Cancer Patients”Sarah Moses, M.D.Cheung Wong, M.D.
"The use of ultrasound in measuring uterine cavity length (comparing to actual sounding)Sam Deans, M.D.Elisabeth Wegner, M.D.
"Viral association with ovarian cancers - using ovarian tumor tissue"Erin Lips, M.D.Liz Bonney, M.D.
"Improving estimated blood loss at the time of vaginal and cesarean deliveries"Jecca Parson, M.D.Kelley McLean, M.D.

Resident Research Day

Each year, a nationally recognized leader in Ob/Gyn participates in Resident Research Day. This exciting day gives our Chief residents the opportunity to present their research project and get valuable feedback from our guest lecturer.