2021 NIPN Annual Meeting

Meeting Overview:

The NIPN 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting emphasized time for attendees to interact and discuss project work, tools, and issues important to IPs. Fifty-six attendees from 18 states joined in the 4-hour meeting on November 8, 2021.

Meeting Recording: 

The recording of the meeting is available on Zoom.  Please note these key logistical details:

  1. You cannot copy and paste the access passcode; you must type in the passcode to access the recording.
  2. You will be asked to register; this is how we monitor who has viewed the recording.
  3. The video is black when presenters were not sharing slides, but you can still hear the audio.
  4. We cannot easily remove the breakout sessions, but you can skip them by advancing the slider.  The breakout session are between 1:14:55-1:45:37  and  2:47:37-3:14:00

Meeting Recording

Access Passcode: 01dx+8Zs

Meeting Schedule:  Printable Agenda

 2021 NIPN Annual Meeting Agenda


NIPN Annual Meeting Presentations/Materials:

NIPN Ahead 2021 - Wendy Davis, MD, FAAP and Rachel Wallace-Brodeur, MS, MEd, CPHQ

Child Health Quality Opportunities - Xavier Sevilla, MD, MBA, CPHQ, CPPS, FAAP

ACES/Trauma-Informed Care in Pediatric Primary Care - Holly Tutko

Health Related Aspects of Kindergarten Readiness - Colleen Reuland, MS

QTIP Suicide Prevention Project 2020-2021 - Ramkumar Jayagopalan, MD and Kristine Hobbs, LMSW