Survey Summary Reports 

Week 52: June 15, 2021

As of June 15, 2021, 1,514 individuals have participated in this study across the United States. Sixty percent of participants are experiencing burnout. Respondents were asked, “Which change would most significantly improve your job satisfaction” and “How likely is this change to happen”

A year ago, 18% of respondents indicated that change was likely whereas 6% of respondents reported that change is likely now. The majority of changes at both time points focused on more support/appreciation/connection from leadership and (fully-staffed/trained) medical teams as well as “adequate time for documentation, paperwork, patient visits, messages, etc.” Recent respondents expressed interest in work flexibility (hours, schedule, location [in-person, remote]). COVID-related changes have switched from wanting more PPE to “mandatory vaccinations” and “not wearing masks.” One respondent shared that they felt “singl[ed] out” for their choice not to get vaccinated at this time and hoped for more acceptance from their peers. 


Summary Reports

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