Department of Medicine High Value Care Program


The Department of Medicine High Value Care (HVC) Program started in 2012. Over 14 projects have been undertaken resulting in improved patient care, patient experience, and over $500,000 of conservatively estimated reduction in healthcare costs. The success of this program is directly related to the willingness and dedication of the Department of Medicine faculty, residents, and fellows to propose and participate in these projects. With each project, we learn through analysis and measurement about the care our system provides with a goal to continuously improve and sustain changes. We simultaneously provide valuable opportunities to our graduate medical trainees in quality improvement projects and methodologies.

Call for Applications!

If you have an idea for the next High Value Care Project (addressing a practice that will reduce harm, reduce cost, or improve patient outcomes or experience) please complete the attached project application . The application is designed to be short and easy to fill out.  We want as many ideas as possible. We evaluate applications on a rolling basis.  

What you get if your project is selected as an HVC Project:

  • Project Management for Jeffords Institute for Quality
  • Data analytics from Jeffords, including collecting background and follow up information (no second application needed)
  • A project process which we continually improve to make sure everybody's time is used efficiently
  • Resources from the clinical steering committee to develop a system change, including alterations to the electronic health record (EPIC).