Course: Teaching/Scholarly Project

The Teaching and Scholarly Project Requirements reinforce foundational sciences through teaching or scholarly activity and strengthens longitudinal integration in the VIC by revisiting foundational sciences with clinical perspective. Students may fulfill the practicum experience in one of two ways: the Teaching Practicum or a Scholarly Project.

In the Teaching Practicum, students act as a teaching assistant in the VIC (including serving in Foundation Level courses, Simulation, and other relevant courses by approval). Duties could include a range of activities such as small group facilitation, laboratory teaching, tutoring, leading review sessions, developing on-line teaching materials, and preparing assessment and other teaching materials. Students attend teaching workshops during the month, providing specific instruction tailored to their teaching duties as well as assessment and feedback.

The Scholarly Project encourages the development of students as physician-scholars by engaging in scientific inquiry. The scholarly project enhances inquiry, analytical, and communication skills. It solidifies the foundation for lifelong learning by through critical evaluation of data. The research project may be in the basic or clinical sciences.

Course Administration

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