Preparing for Advanced Integration

Planning and Scheduling

The Office of Medical Education holds a class-wide meeting for the rising fourth-year class in the fall of the clerkship year to discuss Advanced Integration and the scheduling process. Compared to the other segments of the curriculum, the Advanced InteLevel is quite flexible and students have the ability to tailor their educational experience to their specialty interests.

Prior to the meeting, students should review several key informational resources, described here. Please bookmark this page for future reference.

>> The recording of the 11/8/2022 meeting for the Class of 2024 is available in the Learning Commons (LCOM login required).  The slides from the presentation are also available.

Class of 2024
Advanced Integration Requirements for Graduation:

  • Acting Internship (AI) in Internal Medicine
  • A second AI in the student's choice of specialty
  • Four weeks of surgical subspecialties
  • Scholarly Project or Teaching Practicum
  • Four weeks of Emergency Medicine
  • Students must take Step 2CK of the USMLE by January 1 of the graduation year. Passing scores are required for graduation.

The OASIS Advanced Integration Student User Guide to Fourth-Year Scheduling:

Be sure to:

Note the lottery schedule on page 6 in the User Guide. Lotteries for the Class of 2024 will be held in January 2023.

View the brief Advanced Integration Level Scheduling video (6:12)

  • During the first two lottery stages –Top Choice and Second Choice—students may choose from the majority of courses departments elect to offer through the lottery scheduling process. All acting internships and the required Emergency Medicine course are included, as well as most electives. Students will receive one course assignment per stage during the Choice stages.
  • The next stage will offer campus-specific Internal Medicine Acting Internship and Emergency Medicine required courses. Students will receive up to two course placements during this stage. Students who do not receive a required Medicine AI or Emergency Medicine assignment through the lottery algorithm will be automatically placed into remaining available spots prior to the Electives lottery stage. Note that Vermont Campus students are restricted to Vermont-based Medicine AIs and the Emergency Medicine required course, while Connecticut Campus students are similarly limited to Connecticut-based IM and EM requirements, unless they have an approved exemption (deadline to request is December 2).
  • The final stage is the electives lottery which will include the majority of the other courses in the Advanced Integration course catalog. Courses not in the electives lottery may be added when Add/Drop opens.

The Advanced Integration Meeting Overview slideshow includes details and extra information on choosing the Surgery Major, The Learning Environment, Advising, as well as an overview of the residency application process.

The Frequently Asked Questions page contains answers to many of the questions you will have about various aspects of the Advanced Integration level of the curriculum.

Contact the Advanced Integration Coordinator with questions.