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January 29, 2020 | Volume II, Issue 2

Teaching Academy Inductees

Teaching Academy Inducts Members, Presents Awards

Forty faculty members participated in an induction ceremony at the Teaching Academy’s Teaching and Education Awards event on January 15, held in conjunction with the annual Snow Season Retreat. Since its establishment in 2014, the Teaching Academy’s membership has grown to 163.

Honorees at the event included Jan Carney, M.D., M.P.H., associate dean for public health and health policy, who received the Frederick C. Morin Educational Leadership Award in recognition of her exemplary and sustained record of service in educational leadership, committee service, and/or administration; Elise Everett, M.D., M.S., associate professor and clerkship director for obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences, who received both the Innovation in Curriculum Development or Pedagogy Award and the Educational Scholarship Award; William Raszka, M.D., professor of pediatrics and Attacks and Defenses course director, who was recognized with the Learner Assessment Award; and Garth Garrison, M.D., associate professor of medicine, who received the Outstanding Contribution Award.

Read more about the event and retreat.

Mercedes Carnethon

Carnethon Presents MLK Health Equity Lecture 

An overflow audience gathered in the Sullivan and Reardon Classrooms the evening of January 22 to hear Mercedes Carnethon, Ph.D., present the 7th Annual Martin Luther King Health Equity Lecture on “Racial Segregation and Obesity: An Unhealthy Connection.” Dr. Carnethon is the Mary Harris Thompson Professor and vice chair of preventive medicine and professor of medicine at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. She is a cardiovascular disease epidemiologist whose research focuses broadly on cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and lung health in the population subgroups defined by race/ethnicity, geography, socioeconomic status, gender, and sexual orientation/gender identity.

Watch a video of the lecture.

Pictured Above: Dr. Carnethon discusses her research in the College of Medicine’s Sullivan Classroom

Gary Stein

College Thanks Stein for Cancer Center Leadership

In December, Perelman Professor in Cancer Research and Chair of the Department of Biochemistry Gary Stein, Ph.D., decided to step down as UVM Cancer Center director, after seven years as its leader.

Dr. Stein, who continues as chair of biochemistry and leads an active research enterprise, received his Ph.D. in biology from the University of Vermont in 1969. Prior to returning to UVM in 2012 to direct the Cancer Center and Department of Biochemistry, he held positions at both the University of Florida College of Medicine and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. His tenure has been characterized by substantial personal, departmental, and Cancer Center accomplishments. This change in duties will allow him to focus on departmental and research priorities, including serving as co-principal investigator for the Northern New England Clinical and Translational Research Network and as co-leader of the Stein/Lian Laboratory. This lab has pioneered the establishment of unique mechanisms that control stem cell proliferation and played a role in advances in cancer prevention, early detection, targeted therapy and survivorship.

“The impact of this Cancer Center --the region’s only academic Cancer Center-- is valued and significant,” said Dean Richard L. Page, M.D. “I thank Dr. Stein for his tenure and contributions as director of this enterprise.”

Jordan Munger Speaks with LIC precepter

The Patient at the Center

In 2017, the Larner College of Medicine launched its first Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC) at Hudson Headwaters Health Network in upstate New York, followed in 2019 by a second LIC at Central Vermont Medical Center (CVMC). Students accepted into this competitive clerkship build their clinical experiences over the duration of the entire 12-month clerkship rather than in individual thematic blocks. This curriculum structure gives students the opportunity to follow specific patients throughout their entire treatment, allowing them to gain a deep understanding of the factors that can influence health and well-being, from food insecurity and employment, to transportation and insurance. Whether it’s witnessing a birth and then following mother and baby to post-natal check-ups, or accompanying a patient with diabetes through check-ups and consultations, students are there with patients through it all, often becoming trusted advisers.

UVM Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine Christine Payne, M.D., site director for the CVMC LIC, says that even in the first year of the program students are contributing to the work of the UVM Health Network location. “They really form a bridge between different providers,” she says, adding that as students get to know patients and their families, they also play an important role in helping their patients navigate the healthcare system.

Read more about the LIC experience in the most recent edition of Vermont Medicine.

Pictured above: Hudson Headwaters LIC student Jordan Munger ’21, left, talks with his preceptor Irene Flatau, M.D. ’88, clinical assistant professor of pediatrics, at Queensbury Family Health.

Chris Holmes and Richard Galbraith

Holmes and Galbraith Take on Interim Leadership of Cancer Center

On January 13, Associate Professor of Medicine Chris Holmes, M.D., Ph.D., and Professor of Medicine Richard Galbraith, M.D., Ph.D., assumed duties as interim co-directors of the University of Vermont Cancer Center. They replace Perelman Professor in Cancer Research and Chair of Biochemistry Gary Stein, Ph.D., who stepped down from his role as director earlier this month. 

Dr. Holmes, who also serves as interim chief of the Division of Hematology and Oncology, has been serving the Cancer Center for decades in numerous leadership roles in translational science, clinical research, and medical oncology. Dr. Galbraith has a long successful history of academic medicine leadership and is in the process of stepping down as UVM's vice president for research. 

Drs. Holmes and Galbraith will serve as interim co-directors while the College undertakes a national search for a permanent director. 

Frank Ittleman

Ittleman Reflects on Physician Burnout & Compassion Fatigue

“When I first began my medical career almost 48 years ago, the words burnout and wellness were not yet defined,” writes Professor of Surgery Frank Ittleman, M.D. In the most recent edition of the “Partners in Advancement,” a publication from the Academic Health Sciences Development and Alumni Relations team, Dr. Ittleman reflects on the rewards and challenges of a career in medicine. Citing what he calls “new and traditional” stressors, he implores fellow medical professionals to preserve their humanity and focus on their own well-being. To do this, he suggests establishing “enduring friendships” and to “never underestimate the importance of play and humor” in what can be a both demanding and unforgiving profession. Dr. Ittleman encourages his medical colleagues to take these and other self-care steps because, he notes, “your patients deserve a contented and unburdened physician.”

Read Dr. Ittleman’s full reflection in Partners in Advancement

Community Medical School Spring 2020: “Climate Change: A 21st Century Public Health Crisis,” by Assistant Professor of Family Medicine Megan Malgeri, M.D., and Gund Institute for Environment Fellow and Adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Christine Vatovec, Ph.D., on Tuesday, February 11, from 6:00 - 7:30 PM, in Carpenter Auditorium in the Given Building.

Text-only version: Community Medical School Spring 2020: “Climate Change: A 21st Century Public Health Crisis,” by Assistant Professor of Family Medicine Megan Malgeri, M.D., and Gund Institute for Environment Fellow and Adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Christine Vatovec, Ph.D., on Tuesday, February 11, from 6:00 - 7:30 PM, in Carpenter Auditorium in the Given Building.

From Our Patients Banner

Emily DuComb

Quote MarksMy decision to ask for a referral to UVM led me to Dr. Emily DuComb. She provided answers and direction for some long-standing respiratory issues I have been experiencing. I received what I feel was exceptional care from everyone who worked as a team to make an anxious time much less so. All too often a thank you is left unsaid. They represent UVM very well.”

~UVM Medical Center patient David Nickels

Pictured at left: Emily DuComb, D.O., clinical instructor in medicine and pathology fellow.

Accolades & Appointments

Cheung Wong, M.D.

Cheung Wong, M.D., Berta Pi-Sunyer Williams Professor and director of gynecologic oncology in obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences, was named the Continuing Medical Education Educator of the Year at the Teaching Academy’s 2020 Induction and Awards Ceremony event on January 15.

Cheryl Collins and Ralph Budd

Ralph Budd, M.D., University Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Microbiology and Molecular Genetics and director of the Vermont Center for Immunology and Infectious Diseases, and Cheryl Collins, M.S., researcher/analyst in medicine, have been granted a U.S. patent, titled “Augmenting the Immune Response by Promoting Cell Death of Immune Cells,” for technology they developed during ongoing research on the mechanisms of immune response. Their work, which is supported by the National Institutes of Health, could impact the treatment of inflammatory, infectious, and neoplastic diseases.

Johnson, Ko, Wahlberg, and Li

Abbie Chapman Johnson, Ph.D., assistant professor of neurological sciences, Nga-Ling “Theresa” Ko, Ph.D., assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences, Kramer Wahlberg, M.D., clinical instructor and chief resident in internal medicine, and Zhaojin “Scarlett” Li, M.S., a neuroscience graduate student, have been selected as finalists in the Cardiovascular Research Institute of Vermont’s Viridis Montis Early Career Investigator Challenge in Cardiovascular Disease. This merit-based scientific abstract competition takes place on February 5.

Adam Ulano

Assistant Professors of Radiology Michael Bazylewicz, M.D., Adam Ulano, M.D., and Ryan Walsh, M.D., were presented with the UVM Health Network Medical Group’s Education Grant Award for their project, titled “Quality Curriculum for Residents - Creation, Implementation, Certification, & Long Term Impact,” at the Teaching Academy’s 2020 Induction and Awards Ceremony event on January 15.

Pictured: Adam Ulano, M.D.

Joseph F. Winget
Joseph F. Winget, M.D., associate professor of medicine, was awarded the UVM Health Network Medical Group’s Graduate Medical Education Educator of the Year Award at the Teaching Academy's 2020 Induction and Awards Ceremony event on January 15.

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