Courses and Registration

Costs of Courses and Payment Options


Each CTS course taken for credit or audited have a tuition and fee associated with it that is established by the UVM Graduate College. For the most up-to-date tuition and fee rates, please visit the UVM Student Financial Services website here.

Tuition Payment Options

UVM Employees/Students with a UVM Appointment: Based on UVM employee or appointment status, tuition remission is available. A tuition remission form must be filled out and submitted at the beginning of the term to receive tuition remission. To determine if you are eligible for tuition remission, please visit the UVM Human Resources website here.

Fletcher Allen Employees: Tuition assistance available for employees enrolled in a degree or certification program. For more information, call 847-9800 

Graduate Students: Graduate students may apply for one of several funding opportunities through UVM. For more information, please visit the UVM Graduate College website here.