Admitted Student Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Matriculation Requirements

  • How do I change my name/address on my application?
    It is your responsibility to update AMCAS with changes in your address and telephone number until you arrive on campus. We will only accept changes to this information via AMCAS. Medical Student Admissions uses Return Service for all of our correspondence through regular mail; thus, forwarding your mail via the postal service without notifying AMCAS will not be sufficient to ensure you will receive mail from Medical Student Admissions.

    Once you've matriculated, all official University communication will be via your UVM and the Larner College of Medicine email account. Contact information will need to be updated via the myUVM Portal.

    Please review our Credentials Table/Quick Reference Sheet to help you navigate the different credentials you receive and use over the course of your medical education.

    The University of Vermont Registrar's Office processes all name change requests.  If you legally change your name and would like your educational records to be updated to reflect that change, you will need to complete the Registrar Office Name Change Form and return it (by mail, fax, or in person) with two acceptable forms of identification to the University of Vermont Registrar's Office in the Waterman Building.  Acceptable forms of identification include a driver's license, a marriage certificate, a Social Security card, a passport, and a court document.

    If you have not legally changed your name but would like to indicate a preferred name, please visit the Preferred Name and Pronoun page for more information.
  • When should I be able to access my pre-matriculation checklist?
    Notification that you have access to the OASIS-based checklist is sent to your email address, beginning mid-spring, as soon as Admissions generates your OASIS user account.

  • I'm having trouble accessing my checklist; how do I get into the OASIS system?
    To access your checklist, go to OASIS,  choose "Web Service," and enter your University of Vermont credentials. Your password is case-sensitive. 

    Please review our Credentials Table/Quick Reference Sheet to help you navigate the different credentials you receive and use over the course of your medical education.

    Once you are logged into the OASIS, select the current academic year and click on the two links listed under "Announcements" to:
  • complete the requirements checklist and,
  • update your academic history file.

Please reference the Step-by-Step Matriculation Requirements Instructions for more information.

If you encounter any log in difficulty, you will want to verify that you are signing in with the correct username and password. Sign into your UVM mail using your UVM credentials. If you are unable to get into the email account, you will A) have to activate your UVM credentials or "Set up your NetID" or, B) have to re-set your password. Instructions for both can be found at the UVM Tech Support NetID Help Page. If you have questions about your UVM credentials, you can contact UVM Account Services at 802-656-2006.  Once you successfully verify your UVM credentials, you should be able to log into OASIS.

Contact the Office of Medical Education if you have questions.

  • Am I supposed to do anything about the OASIS Announcement items: "Set your LCOM Scheduling PIN" and "Set your default LCOM Scheduling Year"?
    No. Feel free ignore these prompts. You are welcome to set them if you wish; they will not impact your matriculation progress. 

  • Why can't I see pre-matriculation requirements/items when I click on the Pre-Matriculation Requirements checklist, in OASIS?
    Click on "Show" in the upper right corner of your OASIS Matriculation Requirements checklist.

  • How do I add an entry to my Pre-Matriculation Requirements checklist?
    Click on "Add entry" in the upper right corner of your OASIS-based checklist.

  • Why hasn't the red dot changed to a gray check mark after I responded to a Pre-Matriculation Requirements checklist item even though I've completed the entry?
    For a limited number of items, the red dot will not change to indicate that the item is complete until the Office of Medical Education signs off on the item, verifying receipt/correct upload of the requested documentation.

    Note: These items include official transcripts, technical standards form, and the disability insurance form. Be sure to include a "real" signature (digital e-signatures not accepted) on the technical standards form and to designate a beneficiary on the disability insurance form.
  • I've followed all of the on screen instructions, but my username fails to be recognized when I try to sign-off on my checklist item (such as trying to verify the upload of my Technical Standards form). What am I doing wrong?
    You only need to add the entry (attestation, upload, etc.) to each checklist item.  Your user credentials allow you to add the requested entry; however, they do not allow you to verify the entry.  The Office of Medical Education will log into the system regularly to review and sign-off on items requiring institutional verification.

  • Where should I send my final transcripts?
    Final transcripts should be mailed or transmitted electronically directly from the degree-granting institution to:

              The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont
              Medical Student Admissions
              Given Courtyard North N-200
              89 Beaumont Avenue
              Burlington, VT 05405

If you did not have any in-process degrees at the time you were accepted, and you already submitted all of your final transcripts that note the conferral of your degree(s) via AMCAS you are all set; you do not need to send another copy to Medical Student Admissions.

If, however, your degree was in progress at the time you were accepted, official transcripts confirming the conferral of all degrees that were in progress at the time of admission are required before you can matriculate into the Larner College of Medicine. The deadline for receipt of all transcripts is August 1 of your matriculation year.

If the degree is conferred after July 1, contact Medical Student Admissions prior to the July 1 deadline. In this exceptional situation, your official transcript must be received by Medical Student Admissions, transmitted directly from the degree-granting institution, prior to the first day of Orientation.

  • I need help with the health insurance declaration. With whom may I speak?
    If you have questions about student health insurance, please contact the UVM Student Health Insurance Office.

  • I've reviewed the Technical Standards form and believe I may need to request an accommodation. Whom do I contact?
    If you believe you might require an accommodation, please review the Medical Student Handbook Policy 310.00 - Support for Disabilities for more information regarding how to seek accommodations.

  • I was admitted late and do not think I will be able to meet the August 1 deadline. What should I do?
    Students who are admitted late are expected to complete all the pre-matriculation requirements within 30 days from their official acceptance date. Contact the Medical Education if you have additional questions or concerns.

  • May I receive any sort of waiver or extension for my requirements if I am getting married, buying a house, and/or traveling abroad over the summer?
    Congratulations! However, attending to all requirements takes very little time or effort, with the exception of the immunization requirement. The deadline stands, as patient safety is one of the Larner College of Medicine's top priorities.

    If you are traveling, you will need to coordinate completion of your requirements while overseas. The deadline to complete your matriculation requirements remains July 1 of your matriculation year. You can have your immunizations completed with an overseas medical provider and then you can either fax the documentation to UVM Student Health Services (Fax: +1.802.656.8001), or mail the original documentation to UVM Student Health Services at 425 Pearl Street, Burlington VT 05401 (keep copies for your personal records). Please ensure your documentation is in English.

    Contact UVM Student Health Services if you have questions about your immunization records.
  • How do I complete the Disability Enrollment Form?
    Please ensure you complete all fields--especially designating a beneficiary--on the PDF form prior to uploading it to your OASIS Pre-Matriculation Checklist.  If you do not know where you will live when you move to Burlington, you can indicate your living address as "89 Beaumont Avenue, Given Mailroom, Burlington, VT 05405".  You will receive a Larner College of Medicine mailbox at this address upon matriculation.
    • The coverage start date is the first day of your orientation.
    • This coverage may not be waived, even if you have other coverage.
    • You can complete the form electronically by printing the form, signing it and then uploading a scanned copy to your checklist.


  • My physician cannot complete the immunization form in time for me to meet the deadline. What should I do?
    It is the student's responsibility to ensure all forms are completed in time to meet the stated deadlines. It is strongly recommended that you submit your completed immunization form to Student Health Services by mid-May; August 1 of your matriculation year is the latest date. We  encourage you to check on the status of your required forms with your physician and UVM Student Health Services, to ensure your forms are complete and on file. Students cannot matriculate on the first day of orientation unless Student Health Services has reviewed their forms.

  • Can my immunization form be submitted without part two of my PPD test?
    We have done our best to ensure that the requirements are clear and that students are advised to submit their documentation as early as possible in order to have their status fully cleared by the August 1 deadline.

    Your provider should complete the form with current/existing information before it is submitted to UVM Student Health Services. Please submit it immediately. If you know that you need one additional vaccination, do not delay sending in the form beyond the August 1 deadline. Instead, attach a note to the form advising UVM Student Health Services that you are aware of the requirement and provide the date of your scheduled appointment. In all instances, students are expected to complete all matriculation requirements within 30 days of their official acceptance date.
  • What if my immunization records status is still not showing "Complete" when I sent my immunization records to the Center for Health and Wellbeing more than two weeks ago?
    UVM Student Health Services serves the entire University population, including reviewing requirements for a large number of incoming undergraduate students over the summer. Please allow 10 business days before inquiring via Student Health Services Q&A to confirm that your paperwork was indeed received. Monitor your OASIS Academic History file to track the status of your form. We highly recommend that you keep copies of your documentation to re-send in the extremely unlikely event that your form was not received by UVM Student Health Services.


  • May I send my immunization form to the Center for Health and Wellbeing using images from my phone?
    Mail your original documentation, keeping copies for your records, to UVM Student Health Services, 425 Pearl Street, Burlington VT 05401. If UVM Student Health Services requires additional information, you can probably send scanned attachments to UVM Student Health Services Q&A; however, Student Health Services cannot process pictures taken by and/or sent from your phone.

  • I do not have health insurance. May I wait until I arrive on campus to complete my immunization requirements at the Center for Health and Wellbeing?
    The deadline for completion of your matriculation requirements is August 01 of your matriculation year. You are not eligible to be seen by UVM Student Health Services until August 01 During the interim, we encourage you to explore low cost clinics in your locale and/or insurance options, such as Vermont Health Connect or COBRAThe Community Health Center of Burlington also offers sliding scale payments options and advice for uninsured individuals.


  • When will my first-year schedule be available?
    Admitted students are automatically enrolled in their first-year classes by mid-summer; students do not need to worry about enrolling in classes. At that time, students can access their individual schedules via the OASIS System. Until that time, first year classes and dates are posted on the incoming class academic calendar available on the Vermont Integrated Curriculum webpage. Your detailed course calendar will be made available in VIC portal shortly before the course begins. 

  • When does the Orientation course begin?
    Orientation begins on Monday, August 8, 2022 at 8:00 am and ends on August 12th. More information will be made available in VIC portal.
  • Am I required to attend the entire Orientation course?
    Orientation is an essential part of your successful transition to medical school and your first official course; thus, attendance is mandatory.

  • Are excused absences permitted?
    If you have an issue that will prevent you from attending any portion of Orientation, please review the Medical Student Handbook Policy 510.10 - Attendance: Foundations Level for information regarding course absences during the Foundations Level of the curriculum.

  • What should I wear to Orientation?
    Please wear a mask upon arrival. Student dress should be business casual for Orientation with comfortable shoes, unless instructed otherwise (specific activities during the week may call for alternative attire).  The Medical Student Handbook Policy 640.00 - General Guidelines for Medical Student Appearance offers additional guidelines for medical students.

  • Should I bring anything with me to Orientation on the first day?
    Please bring a government issued ID. We recommend that you bring a backpack/tote bag for the materials (including a laptop) you receive during Orientation as well as a pen for completing paperwork. A number of students also carry water bottles.


  • Once becoming a medical student, I now have something called a COMID, a NetID, a 95#, myUVM portal, OASIS, MedID, VIC Calendar, etc.  How are all of these credentials and systems used over the course of my medical education?

    Please review our Credentials Table/Quick Reference Sheet to help you navigate the different credentials you receive and use over the course of your medical education.
  • How do I register for classes?
    Registration is automatic provided all of your mandatory forms have been completed and submitted successfully. All first- and second-year students take the same courses and are automatically enrolled in those courses.
  • Where can I find my assigned locker and mailbox?
    All students are assigned a locker in the Given Building for keeping personal items secure during the Foundations Level of the curriculum, and students are also assigned a personal mailbox for the duration of their medical education.

    Assigned locker and mailbox numbers and their associated combinations can be found under a student's Academic History >> Student Resources section, in the OASIS Platform. Instructions on how to open lockers and mailboxes, and how to address mailed items are also provided within OASIS. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Medical Education with any questions.
  • Does UVM own/manage medical student housing?
    Most medical students live in apartments and properties in the surrounding communities that are within a short distance of the campus. Please visit the Off-Campus Student Housing site for a listing of available housing.

  • Do students tend to live in specific areas close to UVM and the University of Vermont Medical Center?
    There are many apartment complexes and condominiums around the medical center area that are close to bus transit routes (UVM students ride for free with their student identification cards). Many students live south or west of campus; however, there are numerous other options. Please refer to the UVM Off-Campus Housing Information webpage 
  • I would like to change my student parking pass/privileges.  Could the Larner College of Medicine grant me special permissions for a better parking situation?
    The Office of Medical Education does not manage University parking. If students wish to discuss parking options, contact the UVM Transportation & Parking Services. If you have a disability or injury that may warrant a temporary handicap parking pass or parking exemption, contact the Student Accessibilty Services (SAS) to explore your options.
  • Do I need to buy a computer?
  • No, you do not need to purchase a personal computer for your Medical Education; the College of Medicine Technology Services Team provides you with a device/tablet at orientation. This computer is yours and IT services and maintenance are provided while you are enrolled at the Larner College of Medicine. Please feel free to visit the Technology Services: Computer Hardware webpage for more information regarding how technology is selected and the current technology provided to our students.
  • How do I get proof of enrollment at UVM?
    "Proof of Enrollment" is requested through the UVM Registrar's Office, via your myUVM portal. After logging into myUVM portal, navigate to the "Registrar" tab and click on enrollment verification in the My Verification channel. Once you successfully signed in, you also can view loan deferment notifications that were sent to lenders (such as VSAC) and any certificates provided to health insurers or other organizations. Please contact the UVM Registrar with any questions or visit the UVM Registrar's Office Enrollment Verifications webpage.
  • How do I connect with my fellow classmates on social media?
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