Applicant Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you require Snapshot or Duet?

No, we require CASPer.

  • Do you require AAMC PREview? 

No, we only require CASPer. 

  • How should I complete the Residency History section?

Please list the places you have lived. Include where you lived, the age(s) you were when you lived there, and the approximate population of the city or town. 

  • According to AMCAS, Larner College of Medicine has received my letters of recommendation, why is this requirement incomplete on your application portal?

There is a temporary delay between the time you submit your secondary and the letters being marked as complete.  

  • How many letters of recommendation do you require and what is the maximum number of letters that I can submit? ?

We require a committee letter or a letter packet if your college or university provides it. These collective letters count as one letter in AMCAS and meet the entire requirement. 

If your school does not have an advisor or committee, you must provide three letters as follows: 

  • Two letters from professors in the sciences with whom you have taken classes, and 
  • One letter from a non-science professor with whom you have taken a class. 

If you are not able to provide the letters listed above, you may provide three academic or professional letters from people who know you well.


We will review up to six (6) letters of recommendation from you. 


         How will I know my application is complete?  

Please check your status in AMP. Please note a completed application includes secondary application fee, registration for CASPer, letters of recommendation, and submission of the secondary.  

  • How do I find out my application status? 

Please log into the secondary application portal ( add link) for the latest status of your application. If your file is/has been complete for sometime  please know that we are reviewing your file and ask for your patience as it takes time to review all applications carefully and thoroughly.  


  • How do I withdraw my application?  

Please email our office at to withdraw.


  • Can I visit campus? 

We offer tours on a limited basis to admitted students only. If you are admitted and want to schedule a tour, please send a request at least a week before your visit to  

  • Does the Larner College of Medicine accept applications from international students? 

The Larner College of Medicine does not consider applications from international applicants. 

  • Does the Larner College of Medicine participate in the Early Decision Program? 

Yes.  You may see the guidelines here.

  • Do you accept transfer students? 

We do not accept transfer students into our integrated curriculum.

  • When do you begin interviewing and on what days? 

Our interview season begins in August and continues through February. Our interview days are by invitation only and are scheduled Tuesday – Friday.