Alpha Omega Alpha Members

It is with great pleasure that we announce the members of the class of 2022 selected for induction into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. These students have been recognized by the faculty and their peers for excellence in academic performance, leadership, and commitment to public service.

Class of 2022 Student Inductees:

Michael Stephen Barnum
Abigail Hinchliffe Belser
Richard Joseph Brach, President
Matthew Charles Hill Brandt
Christian Alexander Brooks
Magalie E. Carey
Sarah G. Clark
Patrick Daniel Clarke
Delaney M. Curran
Nicole Kimberly Delgado
Emily Maya Eakin
Faith Evalena Genereux, Secretary-Treasurer
Kalin J. Gregory-Davis
Rachel Marie Harrison
William Milan Holden
Malla Kate Keefe
Prasanna Kumar
Kyle William Leonard
Kelly Erin MacPherson
Elena Martel
Colby Leaver McGinn
John Patrick O'Keefe
Alexa Keller Pius, Vice President
Emily Rose Straley
Nikkole J. Turgeon
Peter Kinell Twining

2022 AOA Faculty Award Recipient and 2022 Inductees


2022 AOA Housestaff Award Recipients and 2022 Inductees


Class of 2021 Student Inductees:

Katherine E. Callahan
Michael  Chmielewski
Annabelle P. Davey
Jack Aaron Dubuque
Kalle Joan Fjeld
Raghav Kumar Goyal
Olivia Jasmine Santurri Harrison
Sidney Julia Breck Hilker
Van Bich Thi Hoang, Secretary-Treasurer
Alexander Dimitri Karabachev, Vice President     
Kathryn Cully Kurchena
Elizabeth P. Lanata
Olivia G. Larkin, President
Joy Anne Lowry
Sean  Meagher
Max  Silverstein
Katrina Parsons Thornburgh
Michael Howard Weber

2021 AOA Faculty Award Recipient and 2021 Inductees

Fuyuki Hirashima, MD
Department of Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, UVM Medical Center

Molly Rideout, MD
Department of Pediatrics, UVM Medical Center

Matthew Siket, MD
Department of Emergency Medicine, UVM Medical Center

2021 AOA Housestaff Award Recipients and 2021 Inductees

John Konen, MD
Department of General Surgery, UVM Medical Center

Nathaniel White, MD
Department of Pediatrics, UVM Medical Center

We are certainly fortunate to have such an excellent group of students and new AOA members. Congratulations to each of them!