Student Interest Group Leaders Pass the Baton as They Head Into Clerkships

January 17, 2018 by Michelle Bookless

This week, Student Interest Group (SIG) leaders in the Class of 2020 are passing the baton to their counterparts in the Class of 2021 as they prepare to start clinical clerkships.

Class of 2021 Chair of Finance Evan Lowry presents to new Student Interest Group leaders in the Class of 2021

This week, Student Interest Group (SIG) leaders in the Class of 2020 are passing the baton to their counterparts in the Class of 2021 as they prepare to start clinical clerkships.

To ready the new leaders for their role, the Student Council held a mandatory SIG leadership training on Tuesday, January 16 led by Class of 2021 Chair of Student Leadership Davina Tolbert. The training included presentations by Class of 2021 Chair of Finance Evan Lowry, Pam James with Larner College of Medicine Information Systems, and Office of Medical Student Education Student Services Coordinator Kiersten Hallquist on helpful topics such as budgeting, use of the Commons for documentation, required event forms and more.

A follow-up training for those unable to attend the first session is scheduled for Tuesday, January 30 from 12:10 pm - 12:50 pm in Med Ed 300. 

The new SIG leaders are:
  • American Medical Association (AMA) - Medical Student Section: Alexa Golden and Scott Olehnik
  • American Medical Women's Association (AMWA): TBA
  • Anesthesiology Student Interest Group (ASIG): Jack Dubuque, Mary Ann Kelly, Collin Love, and Derek Tan
  • American Public Health Association (APHA) Student Interest Group: Sam Epstein, Alexandra Churchill, and Jordan Munger
  • Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) Student Interest Group: Katherine Callahan, Hillary Danis, Joy Benner
  • Athletics Student Interest Group: Dylan Koundakjian
  • Cardiology Student Interest Group (CSIG): Tyler Prince
  • Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA): Michael Chmielewski, Matt Tsai, Jon Gau
  • Dermatology Student Interest Group: Cari Carpenter, Maxwell H. Knapp
  • designMed Student Interest Group: Jhaimy Fernandex, Cari Carpenter
  • Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group:Jack Dubuque, Naira Goukasian, Olivia Harrison
  • Ethics Student Interest Group: Michael Lawrence, David Viscido, Sidney Hilker
  • Family Medicine Student Interest Group: Kalle Fjeld, Michael Weber
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance: Emily Eichner, Michael Weber
  • Grand Friends Student Interest Group: Alex Karabachev
  • Hematology/Oncology Student Interest Group: Tim Woodin, Nicholas Haslett
  • Integrative Health Student Interest Group: Shae Rowlandson, Sarah French
  • Internal Medicine Student Interest Group: Dylan Koundakjian, Matt Tsai
  • Lunch on the Wards: Jack Chen, Kathryn Thomas, Alexa Golden
  • Med Mentors Student Interest Group: Liam du Preez, Kenneth Palanza, Joshua Taylor, Ashton Pike
  • Medical Spanish Student Interest Group: Karla Brandao, Georges Tahhan, Racquel DeCastro, Jenna Dafgek
  • Medical Students for Reproductive Justice: Sidika Kajtezovic, Hannah Woodruff, Katrina Thornburgh, Van Hoang
  • Medical Students with Kids: Adam Lacayo
  • Music Student Interest Group: Mike Lawrence, Jack Chen, Jess Sikka, Jordan Munger, Michael Chmielewski
  • Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN): Connor Scagnelli, Michael Weber
  • Neurosurgery Student Interest Group: Katherine Callahan, Jonathan Borden
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology Student Interest Group: Kristen Keene, Jess Sikka
  • Ophthalmology Student Interest Group: Collin Anderson
  • Orthopaedics Student Interest Group (OSIG): Annabelle Davey, Leo Chaidarun, Brian Gross
  • Otolaryngology Student Interest Group: Alexander Karabachev
  • Palliative Care Interest Group: Timothy Woodin, Ellen Seyller, Nicholas Haslett
  • Pathology Interest Group (PIG): Jessica Lyon, Garret Chan
  • Pediatric Student Interest Group (PSIG): Candice Wolf, Jennifer Holland, Collin Anderson, Elizabeth Congdon
  • PhotoDocs: TBD
  • Physiatry and Sports Medicine Student Interest Group: Sean Meagher, Olivia Larkin, Ryan Harned
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Student Interest Group: Catherine Westbom
  • Radiation Oncology Student Interest Group: Ellen Seyler, Dore Grier
  • Radiology Student Interest Group (RSIG): Marc Hammond, Liam du Preez
  • Red Wheelbarrow (Literary and Visual Arts Magazine): TBD
  • Refugee Health Student Interest Group: Sidika Kajtezovic
  • Running Student Interest Group: Elizabeth Lynch, Sarah French
  • Student National Medical Association (SNMA): TBD
  • Students for a National Healthcare Program: TBD
  • Students for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (SQIPS): TBD
  • Students of Medicine Involved in Local Education - Doctors Ought to Care (SMILE Docs): Emily Puleo, Racquel DeCastro, Shivani Seth, Kathryn Thomas
  • Sun Salute Yoga Student Interest Group: Jhaimy Fernandez, Kristen Keene
  • Surgery Interest Group: Catherine Pratt, Seth Wolf
  • Taste Buddies Student Interest Group: Ashton Pike, Kalle Fjeld, John Vandenberge
  • The Woodside Project Student Interest Group: Bridget Moore, Casandra Nowicki, Sidika Kajtezovic
  • Urology Student Interest Group: Ashton Pike
  • Weightlifting Student Interest Group: TBD
  • Wilderness Medicine: Tyler Prince