Emergency medicine research

We perform research in the emergency department setting at the Level 1 trauma center University of Vermont Medical Center, focusing on traumatic brain injury and acute traumatic coagulopathy.

Trauma surgeons have long struggled to manage the acute trauma-induced inflammation and coagulopathy which occurs in as many as one-fourth of patients after severe multi-system trauma. Refractory coagulopathy prevents optimal surgical management and can lead to death from otherwise survivable injuries. This is a complex physiological problem, involving multiple organ systems, with important public health significance.

Working with our collaborators at Denver Health/University of Colorado, we recently demonstrated that the fibrin architecture of clots generated from the plasma of trauma patients correlates with their fibrinolysis phenotype. Individuals with coagulopathy characterized by fibrinolysis shutdown had extremely densely cross-linked fibers that would likely be resistant to t-PA. These results are important in understanding the risk of transexamic acid and other anti-fibrinolytic therapies in the fibrinolysis shutdown subgroups of trauma patients, who are at the highest risk of multi-organ failure.

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